Jason Halstead: The gist of the brand is building homes

In 2014, Jason Halstead, Gist Brands founder and creative director, delved deep into the soul of The ReStore, merging its non-profit label and its retail functionality to reconceptualize, redefine and reposition the brand as an environmentally sustainable social enterprise.

“It’s not just the dichotomy of nonprofit-versus-retail issue, but the ReStore being able to exist under this halo of one of the best global brands in the world in terms of Habitat, and yet not have same level of understanding or level of exposure. It’s a challenge,” Jason pointed out.

Jason said that although he had supported Habitat in the past, it was primarily by attending galas and sending money to the national organization. But recently that level of participation was ratcheted up when Gist Brands partnered with The ReStore to cosponsor a Habitat home at Glisan Garden.

“This one was just so much more rewarding,” Jason explained. “I mean, I’ve always gotten to meet the clients of the nonprofit, I’ve always been able to see the work, but to be able to be one-on-one connected to the family that was benefitting and hear their story, but then also, as I said in the dedication, the idea that there was kind of like this double fold, triple fold experience. Because for me, the more that I worked on the project the more I thought, if ReStore is able to internalize this, if they are able to take this and power it up and duplicate it into programs and collateral, then this really is increasing capacity– not just for ReStore in terms of sales, but obviously for Habitat in terms of earning money. And that’s going to translate directly into builds, into homes.”


CURRENT BUILDS: Habitat for Humanity Portland Metro East
CURRENT BUILDS: Willamette West Habitat for Humanity
CURRENT BUILDS: Evergreen Habitat for Humanity


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