Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Alison

Meet Alison, one of our amazing longtime volunteers at the Beaverton ReStore! Alison is passionate about her activism in racial justice and human rights. She cares deeply about people and animals. She does yoga daily, and loves taking care of her kitty named Angel.

Alison is a great leader, and she is often paired up with new volunteers to help show them the ropes around the store. We are so lucky to have her volunteer at the ReStore.

How did you first get started as a volunteer at the Beaverton ReStore?

I started volunteering with the ReStore in March 2013 about once a week. I had been volunteering at the thrift shop connected to the Cedar Mill Library, and a friend of mine recommended that I should volunteer here, too. I came by the store and chatted with the team to learn more. I’ve seen the store grow from its humble beginnings into what it is today – the favorite Home Improvement store in Beaverton!

Now, I come in and volunteer about 3-4 times a week for a few hours in the afternoon. I’ve accrued over 3,450 volunteer hours.    

What are your favorite volunteer tasks?

I like going through different items on the shelves and creating displays. I try to think like a shopper: what would I want to see displayed on the shelves? I like to keep the shelves looking fresh and organized so it feels easy for a customer to shop.

I enjoy organizing the lightbulbs and decorating the home décor shelves. I also organize the lawn and garden section by arranging the flower pots. To ensure customer safety I keep broken glass out of the ‘free bin’ near the entrance of the store, and I help fill it with items when they have been here a long time.

At busy times, I help the cashier by using a handheld device to check customers out.  I really enjoyed learning how to do that!

What are your favorite parts about volunteering?

One of my favorite parts about volunteering is the staff and volunteers. I get a “warm fuzzy” feeling when I volunteer here. It’s a very welcoming place. The ReStore is a family environment. All the volunteers I meet are nice and helpful. It’s been a really amazing experience to be here and connect with everybody.

It’s fun to learn new things like what is involved in metal sorting and recycling. I love being of service, giving back to the community, and helping people.  

Over the years, I have gotten to know many of the customers and engaging them in conversations is one of my favorite activities. I really like helping keep the store looking good and creating a friendly environment for our customers and community.

If you are interested in volunteering, just come in and visit!

Thank you Alison for sharing your ReStory with us! We are so grateful to have you as one of our volunteers. Thank you for helping us make a difference and fulfill Habitat for Humanity’s mission.

For more information on volunteering with the ReStores, click here.

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