Tracy Livie: A find for Clark County

It was a friend who first turned Tracy Livie on to The ReStore. They had just bought furniture from the Washington County ReStore and they needed Tracy’s advice.

“They were asking me about refinishing it, and they told me about how wonderful the store is,” she said.

So when Tracy saw the sign for the Clark County Habitat for Humanity Store, she decided to pull over and take a look for herself.

Her words: “I fell in love.”

Now she shops the Habitat Store about four days a week–often arriving just as the store opens, meeting up with friends, chatting with staff and volunteers, and browsing through newly arrived merchandise.

“Well, the people are so wonderful here!” Tracy exclaimed. “I mean, they are really becoming my friends and I just adore them.”

For several years she owned two retail stores in Orange County, California.

“We specialized in European–We did antiques and new furniture, home decor, garden fountains and European French flower pots,” Tracy said.

After her retirement in 2006, she moved back to her hometown, Eugene, Oregon. Then Tracy met her husband, a local architect, and moved further north to be with him in Vancouver, WA.–not too far from the Clark County Habitat for Humanity Store.

“One of my very, very favorite things that I just adore I got from here is a beautiful stone bridge for my garden,” she said. “I’d say it’s about six feet long and it’s all native stones…It’s amazing and it’s so heavy!”

Tracy mostly shops for things for her garden, but today something else caught her eye. It’s a heavy brass candlestick with curious markings on the bottom. She’ll take her purchase home and research those symbols. Could be quite the find.

About a month ago, Tracy began volunteering at the Clark County Habitat for Humanity Store one day each week. She says what she likes best about volunteering is connecting with the customers, helping them out when they have questions–and of course, she loves seeing what comes in on the receiving dock.

“I love pricing things, too, and actually bringing the stuff out and putting it on the floor,” she says with evident enthusiasm. Plus, her background in antiques is a real bonus. “When they need help, I’m definitely back there ready to go with the price gun!”

Talk about a find! Thanks, Tracy Livie!


Whether you already have experience like Tracy, or you want to gain experience, there’s a place for you at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Find out about volunteering at The ReStore. We’d love to meet you.


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