Studio Lorelei loves the ReStore!

Lorelei is a nurse and watercolorist living in Portland. Check out her artwork of her favorite ReStore finds! 

Her cheerful art is on Instagram at @Studio.Lorelei and her greeting cards can be found at Helvetia Farm Market.

Tell us about yourself.

I discovered the ReStore and started watercolor painting in 2016, when my husband and I moved back from living in China. We rented an empty apartment and needed one of everything. Shopping at the ReStore allowed us to piece together a home that felt storied and layered. It immediately felt like we had roots in Portland.

Furnishing our apartment is what motivated me to learn to watercolor. I found an amazing armchair that I desperately wanted but cost thousands of dollars (too bad it wasn’t at ReStore!) The only way I could have it in my life was to learn how to paint and make an illustration of it. Now I have both the fabulous chair and my favorite creative endeavor of all time. I’ve been painting things ever since, and the ReStore is a constant source of inspiration.


What do you love about the ReStore?

The ReStore’s inventory covers a huge span of styles and eras, far more variety than you could find in any retail store. Each item is special, something that a family was willing to drive across town to donate because they knew it deserved a good home. When you buy something you can feel how much care has already been invested in it. And of course, it is incredibly affordable. Whatever your furnishing dreams are, they can definitely come true after a few trips to the ReStore.


What kind of items do you shop for at the ReStore?

For any need besides groceries or textile items, I always recommend ReStore as the first stop. I’ve found patio furniture, flower pots, tools, dishes and glassware, camping equipment, and lots of unique wall art. 


What’s something about ReStore that you wish more people knew about?

That it exists! I love introducing my friends to ReStore. Just today I recommended it to a friend who is relocating to Portland and needs one of everything like we did in the beginning. Maybe I’ll give them a painting of a chair in a frame from ReStore.


Thank you Lorelei for sharing your art, photos, and kinds words with us! Check out Studio Lorelei for more information.


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