Six easy pieces: The Rich world of metal recycling

Master recycler and longtime Vancouver Habitat Store volunteer, Rich Reiter, has done it again! 

Rich used to collect, sort and recycle metal from his neighbors, then one day several years ago Rich approached us about developing an extensive metal recycling program in our store. He introduced a way to sort out all the various types and grades of metal in order to maximize its value.  You know where that led? In 2018 the four Portland Metro ReStores raised $127,931 from metal recycling–$58,000 of that total was earned by the metal scrappers at the Vancouver Habitat Store alone. 

Rich began volunteering at the Vancouver Habitat Store in 2011 and has now accrued over 7,000 volunteer hours with us.

Now Rich is sharing his recycling know-how in a 43-minute DIY video. Don’t worry, you can also get the info by watching in 6 segments based on type of metal: aluminum, yellow brass, zinc die-cast, stainless steel, wire, and motors. Watch the video on the PDX ReStore YouTube channel and posted here on our video page.

PS – Phil Gerigscott, Portland ReStore manager, shot and edited this video.

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