Pomeroy named Salvage Service manager: 'I'm where I belong'

“It’s a path to the heart.”

That’s how Mark Pomeroy recently described coming to work for The ReStore. Mark joined our staff in June as the new Salvage Service manager. In his new role, Mark will oversee all Salvage Service operations, including planning and development for The ReStore’s deconstruction program.

Though he’s new to The ReStore, Mark is not new to Portland’s housing problems, or to the world of reuse and deconstruction. A Portland resident for more than 15 years, Mark’s career path includes working several years for The Rebuilding Center, and as project engineer for L&M Welding in Tangent and DeaMor Associates in Vancouver. At Columbia Wire & Iron Works, Mark was project engineer responsible for procurement and supervision of subcontractors.

“We’re very fortunate to find someone as experienced as Mark Pomeroy. He comes to us with a thorough, practicable knowledge of the whole deconstruction process–and of all the key stakeholders involved. That will be critically important to us as the city moves toward implementing Portland’s new deconstruction ordinance,” said Joe Connell, vice president of retail operations for Habitat for Humanity Portland/Vancouver Metro.

On his off hours, Mark spends his time building a 29-foot sailboat, incorporating old growth Douglas fir reclaimed from a Portland building.

“It’s all beautiful wood with the nail holes and the stains and all of that still in it,” Mark said, “Under quite a lot of varnish its quite beautiful!”

His other obsessions include Spanish (“Right now I’m a functional speaker.”) baking (“Vegetarian, vegan cuisine is my specialty!”) as well as physics and math (“The intriguing thing that I’ve learned in my study of math is more the philosophy of it as compared to the applications.”).

In his new role at The ReStore, Mark will oversee all Salvage Service operations, including planning and development for our deconstruction program.

“The ReStore is positioning itself not only as recipient of salvaged goods, but also as a provider and contractor of deconstruction services,” Joe added. “We feel certain Mark’s collaborative nature is a perfect fit to manage our Salvage Service department.”

If you’re planning a remodel, call Mark to find out how The ReStore can deconstruct the area, salvage reusable materials and appliances and get you the tax deduction. Salvaged materials are then sold at our stores to raise money for Habitat homebuilding projects.

“I feel that I’m where I belong,” Mark explained. “In my professional career I like to be a part of the solution, not the problem. That’s the major deal–the fact that I’ll be in the broad picture, helping people out.”



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