Meet our 2021 Summer Interns

Arushi, Aslan, Erin and Jennifer have joined our team as interns for this summer! We love having them as part of our team.

Meet Arushi!

Favorite part of the ReStore: The admirable volunteers and staff who work tirelessly to keep the store running.
Something you’ve learned in your internship that you didn’t know before: I’ve learned that many of Habitat’s volunteers come from volunteer programs, like Easter Seals, to help disabled and retired individuals with paid volunteer work.
Favorite ReStore internship project: Interviewing different volunteers about their life and why they’re so driven to volunteer in the first place to showcase on a volunteer spotlight newsletter. It’s inspiring to see people, even at an elderly age, working hard to give back to their community.

Meet Aslan!

Favorite part of the ReStore: Interacting with the diverse array of customers
Something you’ve learned in your internship that you didn’t know before: Over the course of this internship, I learned how to use Slack—it is now my favorite collaborative platform! 
Favorite ReStore internship project: Marketing Department’s Pinterest Project

Meet Erin! 

Favorite part of the ReStore: I really love seeing all the cool items that people donate and how excited customers are when they find the product they’re looking for!
Something you’ve learned in your internship that you didn’t know before: I had no idea of the scope of Habitat’s metal recycling program. After helping in the Vancouver Habitat Store and seeing all the effort that goes into deconstructing and acquiring materials, I gained a new appreciation for the word ‘recycle”. After working at the Restore’s I understood that they helped fund the mission but once I learned about the recycling program I realized just how valuable all the scrap metal is to help fund Habitat’s mission.
Favorite ReStore internship project: My favorite project in the ReStore’s has been riding along on one of the donations pick-up trucks. It was a really physically taxing day with a really big reward at the end. I got to help make a difference for people who needed new couches, vanities, or tables, and help take the burden of those items off of the people who donated them. I was able to see the Habitat mission I had been working on firsthand.

Meet Jennifer!

Favorite part of the ReStore: My favorite thing about the ReStore is how sustainable it is when it comes to repurposing furniture and other goods to keep out of landfill.
Something you’ve learned in your internship that you didn’t know before: Through this internship I’ve learned that business that the ReStores generate directly supports building affordable homes for people in our community.
Favorite ReStore internship project: My favorite ReStore related project has been walking around the ReStore to view it from the perspective of a customer. It allowed me to explore and pinpoint specific ways we can arrange the ReStore to make it easier for customers to both navigate and learn about Habitat’s mission. 

Thank you Arushi, Aslan, Erin and Jennifer! We are grateful for your hardwork. If you are interested in internships or volunteer opportunities, check out our Volunteer page for more information.  


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