Amanda Bachelder: Girl in Pink shops The ReStore

DIY projects take on a decidedly feminine cast when Amanda Bachelder takes out her paint brush and drop cloth. Amanda scours thrift stores, estate sales and The ReStore to bring home raw materials, used furniture and various design elements for her DIY projects.

“I like to call my style romantic vintage,” Amanda said. “I love the feminine. I love a little bit of glamour with some golds and metallics and florals.” (Use your arrow keys to view the slideshow.)

She  takes her inspiration from period pieces like “Downton Abbey” and Jane Austen, incorporating Old World French style and English parlor door motifs onto second hand bureaus, old weathered windows, doors, mantels…well, onto whatever she can find at a workable price. (That’s where The ReStore comes in!)

“I’ve been getting cabinet doors for like $1 a piece (at The ReStore), and I use them as a canvas,” Amanda said.

She has been shopping at The ReStore for about five years now. While she mainly focuses in on windows, cabinet doors and old doors, she sometimes lucks onto something extra special, like a vintage silverware box.

Lately the trend is toward painted furniture and functional decorative pieces. Amanda uses Annie Sloan chalk paint (not to be confused with chalkboard paint) to bring her art about. It’s easy to work with, especially if you’re going for that elegant vintage look. It doesn’t require priming, plus there are no fumes.

Amanda sells many of her reinvented pieces at Camas Antiques, 415 1st Ave E, in downtown Camas. That’s also where she holds monthly beginner and advanced technique workshops.  Want even more inspiration? Connect with Amanda through her DIY blogs where she shares tips and trials at Girl in Pink, on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Then, get your own DIY project going. Find your pallet at The ReStore.

What Amanda loves:

Finding a piece of furniture with character is super rewarding, but Amanda suggests that before you get carried away with a new purchase examine it closely to assess its structural integrity. Making sure the piece has dovetail joints could save you a lot of time and energy. (See slideshow for an example.) Nailed or stapled joints could indicate the piece may not hold up to a lot of use.
Amanda teaches workshops on how to use Annie Sloan paint, finishing, stenciling, Artisan Enhancements, as sell as more advanced techniques like raised stencil relief. The products used are eco-friendly. Find royalty-free vintage images great for image transfers using Artisan Enhancements transfer gel.
Transforming chandeliers:  Repaint the metal parts with Annie Sloan paint. It doesn’t require primer. Amanda recommends using Artist Enhancements exterior grade topcoat sealer. It can handle the heat generated by the light fixture. (You can find a number of candidates for this project at one of our ReStores in Portland, Beaverton and Vancouver.


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