STAFF DIY: Topless table gets second look

Look what Jess did!

We love how ReStore shoppers buy just what they need, often donating back any surpluslarge_jess1 72_1.jpg. That was the case for a sweet little coffee table: The shopper admired the glass table top--not so much the base. But a table without a top isn't so easy to sell, even at The ReStore. So Jess Reynolds, Clark County Habitat for Humanity Store associate, stepped up to the challenge.

To recreate the piece, Jess picked out three lengths of recycled wood, fitted them together with wood glue, and secured the pieces with clamps. After letting them dry overnight, Jess painted the base, screwed down the new top onto the base, then planed the surface. To give it a smooth touch, she sanded the new tabletop and followed it up with a light stain. Now it can go right back out on the floor. Way to keep the cycle going, Jess! 

large_jess table cu_1.jpgIf something catches your eye on the sales floor, give it a second look! It could turn out to be a fabulous upcycle or refinishing project. Sometimes it takes a bit of imagination, but the payoff is a thrill!

jess table_1.jpg


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