Working beyond retirement: The Oregonian taps The ReStore's James Morgan

It used to be when we’d think about our senior years, we would imagine kicking back and playing golf every day, taking up a new hobby, exploring the country in an RV, or spending oodles of time with the grandkids. But more and more that golden age of retirement finds people in the red. In a recent Oregonian article by George Rede, he states:

                                    Nearly one in five Oregonians over 65 were working or seeking work last year, a growing sign of the state’s retirement crisis.

Rede goes on to tell the story of several retirees who are finding ways to use their job skills, life experience and maturity to re-invent themselves in new career roles. One of those highlighted is 69-year-old James Morgan.  James sought employment at The ReStore in Beaverton after his savings took a major hit following double lung transplant surgery. With years of experience as a contractor, he found the right fit at The ReStore. But, it’s more than a paycheck for James. Well, let’s let James tell you why: 

Watch the short video: CLICK HERE

Read the article: Life’s surprises, setbacks keep more Oregonians working beyond retirement age



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