Watch: ReStore featured on 'Community Hotline'

It’s always exciting to turn people on to what Habitat ReStore is all about, but recently Business Relations Director Mark Haley and Gresham ReStore Manager Brieana Weaver had a chance to broadcast our message to Community Hotline viewers.

Last week at the Gresham television studios of MetroEast Community Media, Monica Weitzel, show host and director of community relations, walked Mark and Brieana through the ropes in preparation for the taping and introduced  technical director Emily Vidal. With Emily at the helm, directing crew to crop their shots, ride audio and cue the host, the 20-minute session ran along smoothly.large_commedia72_0.jpg

Monica, as always, put guests Brieana and Mark at their ease so they could get their message across. In this case, the message was all about what it’s like to shop, donate and volunteer at Habitat ReStores in Portland, Beaverton and Vancouver. They also talked about our Salvage Service program. Prior to a remodel or demolition, The ReStore’s Salvage Service team will harvest cabinets, doors, windows, lighting, etc and deliver them to our stores where they are sold to raise money for Habitat.large_emily72.jpg

But the big news highlighted is the opening of our fourth store in Gresham. Brieana let viewers know we are counting on volunteer manpower to help get the new store ready as quickly as possible. She directed them to go online at to register to volunteer. Mark talked about how much we rely on our business partners and other donors to keep our store stocked with great home improvement goods. The date for our grand opening has not been set, but when it has it will be announced online at and on Facebook and Twitter.

To  watch the segment on the ReStore  on YouTube click here, or catch the entire show Wednesday, February 15 at 7pm on Comcast channel 21, HD 321 and on Frontier at channel 32. The show repeats Thursdays at 5pm, Mondays at 9pm and weekdays at 10am. 

You can also view our segment here:



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