TNT's "The Librarians" track ReStore gem

They don’t start shooting the third season of “The Librarians” for another month, but the show’s set decorator, Benjamin Hayden, knows a good thing when he sees it and snatched up a terrific buy this month at the Washington County ReStore.

It’s an unusual item, but finding that weird and wonderful gem is part of the adventure of shopping at The ReStore. In this case, the find was six large theatre drapes donated by Nike. Actually, Nike donated 4 pallets of drapes in various sizes. And did I say huge? They were 20’ to 35’ wide, and up to 36’ long–not the type you want hanging in your living room window…unless you live in the Hearst Castle or something.

Hayden explained that most of the crew freelance in the area. Some of the riggers were hired by Nike to remove the stage curtains they no longer needed. When Hayden-a regular ReStore shopper- and Production Designer Randal Groves heard about the drapes, they tracked them down at The ReStore.

“We knew we were going to get a great deal on them,” Hayden said. (Of course. It’s The ReStore after all.)

With three stages: One is permanent for recurring scenes, the second a “swing set” that gets swapped out as the script dictates and a third blue screen stage, Hayden and Groves will have ample use for the yardage.

The third season of “The Librarians” premieres this fall on TNT. Who knows, you may be able to spot our drapes!



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