Remodeler's folly? Salvage instead

Don’t do it!

You’ve probably watched some of those home improvement shows you’ve seen remodelers take a sledge hammer to old cabinets they’re removing. Our advice: Skip that step and call ReStore Salvage Service. We’re a licensed and bonded contractor who can remove reusable cabinets, windows, doors, lighting and appliances. We will leave your space clean and ready for your remodel. Donated materials are sold in our stores to help fund Habitat for Humanity homebuilding projects right here in the Metro area.

For this service we charge an affordable fee. 

Click the link below to get details, and watch a video clip to see just how we do it. Then schedule a walkthrough by calling Mark at 971-303-7575 or email Your old stuff can help build homes, too!


Salvage Service: We do deconstruction

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