The net worth of networking

We all know that networking is a part of our daily business-driven lives…sometimes like it or not. But deciding when and where to utilize our limited resources is the real challenge, right?

For us at the Habitat ReStores, being donation driven, there’s not a business I pass or a relationship that’s built every day that in some way can’t help us continue to further our mission of eradicating substandard housing in our communities. 

Events such as the Green Biz Gathering last month at MODA Center spoil us! It’s like the county fair or a big music festival where all the like-minded “greenies” gather and share common struggles, needs and resources. We don’t have to beat the bushes and search for leads, we all come to each other! How cool is that?

Such is the case with Mehgan Borato at the City of Gresham.

Being an integral part of the City of Gresham sustainability team, she is always looking to put leads in touch with those in need. She’s a connector. Yes, I can even call her a matchmaker! Putting us in touch with Alan Crapser at the Gresham-Barlow School District was perfect timing and a great match.

After studying her shopper demographic for several months, Gresham ReStore Manager Brieana Weaver decided that clothes would be a great seller at the Gresham location. With Mehgan’s connection of Alan and myself, we were able to glean over 500 items to sell in the Gresham ReStore! Clothing, costumes and household items will be gracing the ReStore shelves soon, netting valuable proceeds for our local Habitat housing efforts.

The ReStores weren’t the only ones to benefit from this great donation. Several other community entities were also able to benefit from the school district’s generosity. So never think a business, an individual donation, or potential partnership is ever too far out there and funky, or too small or even too large! Every item and every person can have a hand in helping you bring your mission to fruition! 

Remember, networking is a two-way street:  it is those who cast an empty net out in need and those that fill the net, heavy and full of what they can share.

Increase the net worth of your networking by connecting and sharing with those in need as you pursue your own needs. You’ll be happy with what that mindset will net you.

Happy Net Working, everyone. Thank you, Gresham-Barlow School District, for partnering and Mehgan for all the great work!!

Written by Mark Haley, ReStore Business Relations Director
Date: April 12, 2018



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