Clark County HFH Store: We're bonafide GREEN!

They went digging through our trash, and we came out green. But honestly, we didn’t mind because it was all part of the “waste audit” conducted by staff of the Clark County Green Business Program. The certification program was designed to recognize green businesses and to demonstrate that going green is great for the bottom line.

“They literally dig through all our trash to see how well we are keeping recyclable materials out of the garbage,” explained Steven Donovan, Clark County Habitat for Humanity Store manager.

As part of the application process, inspectors were provided information on the store’s routines for processing product, recycling and garbage. (By the way, last year the Clark County HFH Store raised over $40,000 for Habitat from metal recyling alone.)

Green Business staff also made a site visit, inspecting the store inside and out in order to monitor all processes and  procedures. From that, the agency made recommendations on improving efficacy. 

It took some effort, collaboration and communication, Steven admitted, but in the end the Habitat for Humanity Store was certified a CLARK COUNTY GREEN BUSINESS, and we couldn’t be more proud!



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