Record breaker? 600 breakfast in bed at Pioneer Courthouse Square

Event Date: 2015-07-10 15:00:00 to 2015-07-10 19:00:00

The guys who broke the world record for the longest floating chain and the world’s longest yoga chain are at it again! 

On July 10 the 5th annual World Domination Summit will attempt to break the record for the biggest breakfast-in-bed party: Worldwide Waffles. Some 600 early risers will be served breakfast in 160 beds at Pioneer Courthouse Square. 

Many of those stroopwafels will be delivered on breakfast trays upcycled from ReStore cabinet doors. And when breakfasters get up and on with their day, those 160 IKEA beds and mattresses will move on over to The ReStores and Community Warehouse. 

The World Domination Summit is all about connecting community, adventure and service. The Worldwide Waffle event brings attention to the inadequate supply of basic essentials such as food and shelter among many in our own community.

To find out more go to

To find out how you can purchase a Worldwide Waffle Breakfast-in-Bed bed, stop by one of our ReStores Saturday morning. (Waffles sold separately at an Elephants Deli near you.)


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