Pumpkins, cantaloupe, peas, tomatoes, squash, and watermelon…Mike Lepley is usually hard at work in his garden during the summer months. He’s still putting in some of those green-thumb  hours, but he’s making more time for The ReStore now.  

What is success?

For Richard Johnson, the answer is simple: good health, being able to watch his kids grow up…and just being able to give his 12-year-old son a $20 allowance every two weeks.

Pam Israel felt desperate. She was living in very cramped quarters, just 600 square feet for a family of six. But that wasn't the worst of it. Pam recalls the mold, electrical and plumbing issues. The mold had a nasty impact on her asthma so hospital visits became routine.

On Tuesdays Som Tamang often works behind the ReStore register. He's a Habitat future homeowner working to build 500 sweat equity hours.

He's half way there. At the end of April Som and his wife, Basanti, hit the 250 mark, and they've only been at it since February.


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