On the job a matter of a few weeks, Kris Donald was just catching her breath when she sat down for an interview.

"It's hard work," she sighed. "I've moved a million cabinets since I started three weeks ago. And I go home exhausted, but I go home feeling good about what I'm doing."

"I don't eat anything I can't identify," said Kate Ayres.

Here's a fresh face you should get to know. It belongs to Andrew Carlson, new assistant manager at the Clark County Habitat for Humanity Store.

"Customer service is my heart, and I love being with people!" said Petty Blake.

Every exclamation makes that pretty obvious, and it's what makes us thrilled to have Petty on our team.

Pumpkins, cantaloupe, peas, tomatoes, squash, and watermelon…Mike Lepley is usually hard at work in his garden during the summer months. He’s still putting in some of those green-thumb  hours, but he’s making more time for The ReStore now.  


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